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Law Firm in Wrocław

Law firm in Wrocław – Attorney Agata Kosikowska – get to know us

My law firm specializes in providing services to both natural persons and legal persons (enterprises). Many years of experience allow me to provide my customers with reliable and professional service in every area of law.

Law firm in Wrocław – fields of expertise

My law firm represents customers throughout Poland and from abroad. We provide professional legal advice and defend interests in disputes before common courts and the Supreme Court.

Fields of expertise of the law firm in Wrocław

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    Law firm in Wrocław – matters we can help you with

    Civil law

    I handle many cases in the field of civil law, including cases for infringement of personal rights or intellectual property rights (copyright and patent law). My support for customers also involves inheritance matters, including explaining the rules for acquiring rights and obligations arising from inheritance, handling matters related to statutory inheritance and inheritance under a will (opening the estate), cases for legitimate portion, as well as for contractual/judicial division of inheritance. My strengths include all other lawsuits of a complex and complicated nature.

    Family law

    My assistance in this area includes, above all, supporting customers in cases concerning division of assets, as well as in divorce cases (with or without adjudication of guilt). I also help customers in alimony cases (both for children and ex-spouse). My experience also covers adoption issues, including international adoptions and targeted adoptions. I also advise and represent customers in matters relating to establishing contact with children and parental authority over children (deprivation/limitation of parental authority). I have also handled cases related to abduction of children abroad.

    Criminal law

    I offer assistance at all stages of criminal proceedings, starting from preparatory proceedings (acting on behalf of the customer before pre-trial authorities such as the prosecutor’s office or the police, preparing a trial strategy), through court proceedings (customer’s defence in court proceedings), up to executive stage. I have successfully defended customers, for example, in cases of theft, misappropriation of property, robbery, trafficking or possession of drugs or driving while intoxicated; at the court stage, I helped implement the strategy agreed with the customer, leading to his/her acquittal or imposing the lowest possible penalty. I also represented customers in proceedings the subject of which was the suspension of the execution of their penalty. On the other hand, in enforcement proceedings, I provided assistance in cases for conditional early release or change of a prison sentence to electronic supervision.

    Economic criminal law

    I represent my customers in court proceedings related to economic crimes (including white-collar crimes, VAT and excise tax fraud, fraud on sales platforms and cryptocurrencies). I also represent entities injured by criminal economic activity. I conduct detailed analyses (including legal and compliance audits) and advise on minimizing the risk of criminal liability. I conduct an ongoing analysis of the customer’s business activity and business decisions, taking into account the risk of criminal liability (in particular for economic crimes, acts of unfair competition or infringements of intellectual and industrial property law). I also advise on the assessment of activities of the management staff in terms of them acting to the detriment of their company. I also undertake to defend persons accused in criminal cases concerning economic crimes, such as money laundering, fraud (including credit fraud), bribery, corruption, fictitious transactions, extortion of compensation, misappropriation of funds and assets of a business entity or eradication of business records.

    Economic law

    I provide services including, among others, conducting due diligence, establishing, registering and transforming companies, preparing contracts/agreements related to business transactions, providing ongoing legal services to entrepreneurs, supporting customers in commercial negotiations and drawing up legal opinions, representation before commercial courts, for example in cases for payment, in the field of transport law and regarding the performance and non-performance of obligations.

    Medical law

    I represent patients and their families as victims (e.g. in cases for compensation for the death of a loved one, seeking compensation, redress and pensions in civil proceedings, as well as pursuing patient rights in the course of criminal proceedings), but I also undertake to defend doctors in cases for medical malpractice (including representation before the medical court and ethics commissioner). I help obtain compensation for medical malpractice (bodily injury or disturbance of health), as well as for the negligence of a doctor, nurse, midwife or hospital. I represent customers in cases for compensation for damage resulting from a wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment or infection, in cases for compensation for loss of capacity to work, as well as in the process of pursuing claims before the voivodeship commission for adjudicating on medical events. I help obtain full medical documentation or consent for the treatment of a minor.

    Franc law

    My services include verification of loan agreements, calculation of the amount of claims, analysis of the opportunities and benefits of initiating proceedings against the bank, comprehensive assistance in verifying documents, full representation at every stage of the proceedings, analysis of the possibility of cancelling the loan agreement or recovering overpaid instalments.

    Legalization of stay and employment of foreigners

    My services include assistance in the legalization of stay and employment, obtaining a work permit, support in obtaining a benefit to cover the cost of living in Poland, applying for registration and assigning a PESEL (Polish Resident Identification Number) and NIP (Tax Identification Number), assistance in setting up a business, support in the process of granting Polish citizenship, and – in the case of employers employing foreigners – assistance in verifying and determining the current status of a foreigner, advice in choosing the method of legalizing work, preparation of contracts/agreements.

    Labour law

    My services include representation before labour courts, including in particular in cases regarding discrimination in employment, mobbing, violation of non-competition agreements, questioning the legality of termination of employment; drafting legal opinions and analyses in labour law matters for entrepreneurs and natural persons; editing, giving opinions and negotiating employment contracts, non-competition agreements, managerial contracts and service contracts, drafting work regulations and other documents regulating employment relationships, due diligence of enterprises in the field of labour law, as well as restructuring and changes of an enterprise.


    My services include pursuing damages and redress for damage caused as a result of accidents, in particular traffic accidents and other events, assistance in out-of-court claims.

    Real estate

    My services include advising, negotiating and preparing real estate sale, rental or lease agreements, matters related to real estate ownership.

    Real estate law

    I advise, among others, in the field of construction law (including in particular by representing trial participants during proceedings before administrative authorities, assistance during the process of obtaining a decision on zoning/land development conditions, during the process of obtaining a building permit/submitting a notification of construction works/construction; during the process of obtaining a structure occupancy permit, as well as assistance in the legalization of unlawful construction work), in the process of obtaining a permit, concession, license related to running a business, as well as in the field of housing and cooperative issues. I deal with the preparation of applications, complaints, letters, appeals to all local government and public administration bodies, including administrative courts.